Wednesday, February 17, 2016



What do you think when I say popcorn?

When the popcorn maker was on it sounded like a hair dryer.The popcorn boosted up into the air like a volcano’s lava .I tasted the popcorn it was crunchy and soft at the same, but it was also plain. The popcorn reminds me of polerstiring when I touch it . The popcorn smells and reminds me of when butter is melted. Overall the experience was fun and the popcorn was yum.

By Larrisa


  1. You have used your senses very well Larissa and you are right it is a bit like polystyrene isn't it! Good thinking! I love the word "boosted"! Well done. Miss D :)

  2. Larrisa - I really liked how you asked the question "what do you think when I say popcorn?" It felt like you were bringing me into your writing and inviting me to be apart of your ideas. Kiri