Sunday, June 19, 2016

14-6-2016 Discovery time reflection

Today at discovery time I made oobleck
for 10 minutes. I made oobleck with Ruby, Jessika and Pippa. Brook, Lucy and Rosemary were leading it. Then after 5 minutes Will, Leon and Liam joined in. Then I had to wait for them to catch up. My struggle was when all the corn flour ran out I had to use plain flour and so it did not work as well. I could improve by getting more corn flour. I achieved how to make oobleck because I have never made oobleck before. My growth mindset was when it got too clumpy I was going to give up but I stopped and thought to myself I should keep going. I learnt that if i push the boundaries I can actually get somewhere in life.

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  1. Hi Larissa. Will came home and taught our family how to make oobleck as he really enjoyed doing it with you at discovery time. I loved reading about how you showed a growth mindset and didn't give up when things didn't quite go to plan. That shows perseverance. I also enjoyed reading about all the interesting things you have been learning about in Kahukura - your class has certainly been busy. From Mrs O (Kohara)