Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Discovery time Reflection


This discovery time I did friendship bracelets with Kiri, Sharnika, Ruby, Summer, and Vanessa. 
I did it in Room 12.
The role I played was helping Summer, Ruby, and Vanessa with their friendship bracelets because they found it hard at the start but they got it in the end. 

A strategy I used was I tried something new. I also watched an expert. I used them because I have never done a friendship bracelets before.

Something new I have learnt is how they make the bracelets in the  shops.

A challenge I found was to hold the wall tight so the bracelet did not get loose   because  otherwise it would get all loose   and then I would have to  start all over again  and that would waste my time with finnish  my bracelet .

I showed a growth  mined seat when it got to  hard  for  me and  I said I want  to do something else  I stop and tort about it and said to myself  I will keep doing my bracelet so I did .

Next discovery time I would like to try something new with other people that I have never worked with before because I will get to know them more than what I  know them now.

Overall that was fun to make and the people I worked with were fun to work with. 

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