Thursday, September 8, 2016

My speech on labelling and stereotyping

Labelling, everybody does it. Not just in my world, but in your world too put your hand up if you have been labelled 1,2,3,4,ok you can put your hand down.  All the people that just put there hand up you will connect with this story. Close your eyes and imagine this. I was eating my lunch and the bell rings. My hand sped up and then I got let go. My body raced to my bag to put my lunch box away. My body sped to the field. A boy said you are too fat and pretty to play soccer. Hold on, girls and boys can play soccer. You are never too old, too fat, too pretty, too unfit to play soccer. You can open you eyes know.
The worst of being judged is that so often you want to say something back but that means that you are just as mean. An example of stereotyping is when girl might say to a boy, “boys can't play netball!” But that is a BIG FAT  lie because at winter sport I have seen a boy playing netball. Another example is when a boy might say to a girl, “you can't play rugby!” and that's a BIG FAT lie because Sophie, Izzy and Olive play rugby for winter sports. You are 100% being mean if you label people. Boys and girls can play any sport and they can do anything with there life because it is not your life it is there life. So don't judge people because everybody was born to be awesome not to be perfect. If you see someone that you have never meet before. you should  think twice before you say something to them. Treat other people how you want to be treated 

When you get  labeled It is like a tornado is hitting your heart, it is also like a volcano is erupting in your heart and your heart is scattering like the car window when you have to a crash. What label would you give yourself. My label that I would give myself is a singer and actor . Do you know some of the teachers at Waimairi school are young and some of the teachers are old. They are not young like me they are in maybe they're 20 or if they are old but not like your nana or grandad maybe in their 30’s or 40’s
We are not trying to name people or anything but even now they might be old not like your nana or grandad or they might be young not like me, in their 20’s, but they still join in on same games like soccer, seaweed, cricket, farmer farmer so you are really never too old to play any sport.



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