Sunday, June 18, 2017

High Ropes

I’m thinking yea yea I have this under control. I know what to do and how to do it, only because I have been to clip and climb and that was easy.

 I wondered if I could do it or if it is safe. 

I’m shaking in fear. I feel white and sick because the high ropes are moving with me. I was wobbling and thinking how far can I go from here it was so thin it was like I was going to fall of. 

I say I want to get down to Margarette and Thomas. They get Graham and ask him if they can let me down, and he says yes they let me down slowly, and then I’m on the ground I was happy because, I got to the top of it. I was still shaken.

 I wondered if I could do a trick on the top.

Overall I was really proud of myself because I got to the top but I was still shaky. I was also immensely proud. 

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