Wednesday, July 5, 2017

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Week: 9/10 
We had to do a plan for our push and pull playgrounds or a balloon powered car or a push and a push and a pull boardgame.

My plan for my push and pull playground:
At the start I designed how and where I wanted my stuff.
This is where I wanted to put everything and what everything was.

Then I listed everything that I need 
They were.
Tooth picks 
glue gun 
Card board 
Paper clips 

I wrote down who I was working with.
I am working with Margo and Ella. M 

After that I wrote who was bringing what.

Then we wrote down the steps.


I think that the monkey bars, slide, swing, platforms and firemans pole. 

I think that they were working well because the first time that we made the playground we were very excited so we rushed it. It looked horrible so the next day we when back and had a look, we thought that it would of been better if we restarted it so we did. Then the second time we made the playground we said this already looks  better and we are prouder. 

A struggle that I found was hot gluing and cutting the popsicle sticks and toothpicks and skewers. 

I think that they were hard to cut because we were using blunt scissors.
We were using blunt scissors because everyone else had all the other scissors and they wouldn't share. 

Where will I go from here: 
I think that I am going to try not make so much of a mess and not just talk to other people. I also do not want to be like some people and go up do Kiri or Danielle and say do you have a hot glue stick in your pocket, do you have this, do you have that? 

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