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Week: 10 money shot 
In week 10 we were taking money shots I choose this picture for my money shot. I choose this because everyone in this picture is taking photos and interacting.
 My photo:

Week:10 money shot 
In week 10 we were taking money shots I choose this pitcher for my money shot I choose this because 
Everyone was interacting.
My photo:

Week:6 Calendar art 

In week 6 I made a calender art at the start I did not know what to do because there was three different calendar arts to do. The three different  thing we got to choose out of was tapa cloth, silhouette and stripes. I choose silhouette with stripes. 

The struggle for me was trying to choose what to do and trying to cut the stripes in a straight line. In the end I used the school cutter it was easier.

How can a moment in time capture the heart of Waimairi School is what we were talking about because the way of capturing the heart of Waimairi School to us is taking photos this is my photo.

See how they are all interacting with each other. A little bit of knowledge  that I learnt last year is that If people  are interacting with each other it is called people and people, and if they are interacting with the playground it is could people and place.

Fly on the wall:
My class ( kahukura ) has a driving question that says how can we capture the heart of Waimairi School. So we went out around the school but first we had to email the teacher of the class that we were going to I went to the Afternoon Programme. Well I thought  that it would be good to go there because I have never been there before to learn. I emailed Gayle and asked if I could go there she replied with an absolute yes and I was looking forward to going to the awesome Afternoon Programme. 

Week 2:
In week 2 we started taking photos to capture the heart of Waimairi School.

We went round on the playgrounds and took photos to capture the heart of Waimairi.

 Week: 4 
In week four we started our sculpture and I made a parol with Heilee. A parol is a Xmas Decoration in the
Philippines we used spoons, cardboard, wire and hot glue.
I found that I work really well with Heilee because we don't fight.

I loved making the parol because first I'm not from the Philippines and second I have never made a parol befor so I found making it really interesting.

Sculpture art:
In week one we started to do sculpture research because it is my school's art term so I started to find out about Lisa Black don't know why I was finding out about her but I did and this is my Lisa Black research.
Art research  

My sculptor is a female.
Lisa Black is a sculpture artist and jeweller based in Auckland, New Zealand.
When Lisa black began sculpting it became a hobby kindled by dreams and personal reflections on the place of technology within our world. In 2004 she turned her passion into a profession. Establishing a close connection with nature.
Lisa got her career started and all up and running using recycling and mixed metal materials. 
Lisa was born in 1982 in Australia.

Q and A 
My sculptor is Lisa black 
Lisa black if from Auckland New Zealand
Lisa black was born in 1982 in Australia 
When Lisa black began to sculpt it became a hobby as her dream came true.

Week: 5 
Week five was fun because I played a part in drama. It was fun but because another classmate made bad decisions by making us do what we were doing in front of another class ohhh it was embarrasing.

Week: 3 
In week three I went to do music with a group of people. We had to get into another group and we and to go round the class and find something to make music. Once we had our thing to make music we had to make a song or a beat.

Monday street art 
On the 31 of July we went on a art school trip it was fun but my worst bit about it was that Victoria square was completely closed. Kiri  and I were completely gutted   because that is what I was looking forward too as well  as all the street art. On the way to the broken down miserable Victoria Square  some of them are good and some of them are bad because some of them make the city ugly and some of them have a good effect on the city.
I got a photo of before it was getting re done  and one when it was getting done up .


getting done up.

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