Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Arts plan

What activity am I working on: I am working on making a sculpture of a star out of recycled materials I chose this because it can be a decoration at home.

Who: Heilee and Larrisa 

Where will I work:
I am working on the art area because it has glue guns and a big space for me to work on.

What do I need to bring:
Glue sticks
Plastic spoons 
Two soda bottles/ plastic bag

Cut out two star pieces out of cardboard.
Cut out ten triangles out of the cardboard for the star.
Cut the handle part of all the plastic spoons.
Start gluing the spoons to the centre in a spiral pattern. 
Glue all of the spoon heads in a pattern around the star.
Cut the bottom of the plastic bottle.
Poke a hole on the cap. 
Cut the bottle on a screw pattern going upwards.
Thread some yarn through the holes of the bottle caps.
Glue the bottle with the yarn on two points of the star

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