Tuesday, October 24, 2017

How it is so nerve wrecking changing schools

Have you ever changed schools? 
Well I have, here is a story about one of my best schools that  I have been to. I walked into Waimairi school with my mum I was 6 it was nerve wrecking, I was not one of those kids that 
loved coming to school because of my last  experience with     Bishopdale primary, well I made a lot of friends but the teachers were hard to approach and they were hard to talk to. Different story at Waimairi all the teachers are easy to approach. Just this year yes this year I hardly knew Danielle but did you know what she is easy to talk to. 

You might not have experienced going to Wainui camp but I have, it is one of  my best experiences I have done at Waimairi school. Here Is how it went, the night before camp I was at home with mum, saying mum mum mum have you re checked my bag. She is standing there saying I will do it soon. I'm sorting out your sister I say ok ok ok, it is now bed time mum says,  I say ‘but but but but’ she says ‘ but what’  I say ‘ but I'm not tired’. Get to bed said a little voice from the room down the end, I hopped in bed  that was the end of that. 

I wake up I'm saying nope nope  nope nope I'm not going to camp, it is just not the day.
Mum says ‘Time for school’ I’am standing in front of my mirror almost pulling out my hair, Saying nope I'm not going to school. Then  I remember how good camp was last year. I finally get my bag and go out the door like nothing happened, as I walked out the door crash, bang, thump I fall  over mum runs to the door I'm on the floor laughing mum says come on are you ok you’re going to be late. I stand up I run to school we check in and then we talked about camp.  We hopped on the bus. I fell asleep and then we were there. 

We hopped of the bus and we talked again then we got to go to our cabin and all I could hear was I dibs I dibs I dibs and I just went with anything I got. We unpack all of our stuff and then we look around we got into our groups and did our first activity, the people that were in my activity group were Ruby, Margarette, Heilee, Josh and Hamish well this is all I could remember I guess I'm running out of time.
What I almost forgot.

My favorite bit about camp was high rope because I love climbing. Well I guess now I really have to let you but if you liked this then you're in for a treat  because this is only half of my experience so if you liked it then I hope one day you could come to Waimairi School or Wainui Camp. 

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