Sunday, November 12, 2017

Hide and Seek

All I could hear was ‘48, 49, 50  here I come’ I was shaking in fear. I saw Jonti he was saying ‘found you, found you’, I thought he was saying found you to me. I ended up just standing there in fear as the big loud “I found you” voice came towards me even closer, closer and closer . I got sick of this hiding spot not that it was bad, but it was because it stunk like old clothes.
Have you ever played hide and seek and you’re standing there with your fingers crossed shaking in fear? Well I was standing there with my fingers crossed and shaking in fear. I looked out the window so I didn't have to smell the horrible smell. When I looked out the window I saw green wet grass,  dull buildings, and the colourful  playground. 5 minutes were gone as I was in my day dream ‘found you’ a big loud noise spooked me. I hopped out of my hiding spot and went and sat down I was thinking to myself could I have done better?

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